Amazon Consolidated

Ninja Master Prep Professional On the advice of one of the better cooks here in Thailand we carried one of these back with us.  We had to get a 220V/110V converter transformer but it was worth it.  This is a compact but strong blender and we use it for everything from chopping spices to making fresh peach and banana smoothies. Eating well is a bit easier with this tool.

Fast After 50: How to Race Strong for the Rest of Your Life is Joe Friel newer book on riding for us older guys.


Garmin Edge 810 GPS Unit with Heart Rate Monitor and Speed/Cadence Sensor When I busted up the front end of the bike in the crash I lost the Flight Deck bike computer that integrated with the Shimano shifters. No more cadence information. The Edge 810 was the best choice to get that back – plus I now have maps and Heart Rate Monitoring.  HR Monitoring is now my primary training tool looking forward to the day I can get a power meter for the bike.