Real Sweat and Ponya Sweatbands

Up at the Finish Line at the top of Samoeng mountain talking about sweat and the Ponya Sweatbands.  These sweatbands are a simple product that really works.

They are made from super-absorbent bamboo fibers from Nepal and that means a lot as we used to live on the India / Nepal border.

Sorry if the sweat on the first take is a bit gross but everything on my channel is real!

Visit the Ponya website.



How To Scientifically Choose The Best Cadence

Cadence Matrix

Cadence Matrix

Referenced Scientific Papers:


  • Optimal pedaling rate estimated from neuromuscular fatigue for cyclists

How to turn an inexpensive bike computer into an expensive Cadence Meter

Getting a chance today to do something I love to do, that’s talk about the mathematics, physics, and physiology of bike riding. Today I want to do something that has not been done to my knowledge and that is to convert a cheap, or at least, inexpensive cycle odometer, speedometer, computer into a more expensive cadence meter. I’m going to do that by changing the way we do the measurement of the going around and around of the front wheel to going around and around of the pedal.
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How to Crash a Garmin Edge 810

How to Crash a Garmin Edge 810

Garmin Tech Support:

Garmin Course File:

Garmin Activity File:

Garmin Edge 810 Software Version: 5.10

Ken from OldManRider back in Thailand. Beautiful sunny days, middle of the rainy season now which means the rains will be coming. But, it’s great because that means the forest will be crazy green, the roads are clean, and the weather is a lot cooler. It’s just a joy to ride along the mountain tops or along the river, whatever it is. Come out and join us it’s a great place.

The purpose of today is to share how to crash a Garmin Edge. This is my 810. I got it for Christmas last year. It’s a wonderful tool that I use on every ride, long and short. Besides, I need the Strava miles. But, it crashes.
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