Part 1 – Internal Minivan Bike Mount

Part 1 – Internal Minivan Road Bike Mount

Returning from Thailand we needed to find an easy and safe way to move our road bikes around Northern Michigan – without purchasing new gear or messing up the minivan we were using.

At first we just put the road bikes in the back of the van. It was so easy but the bikes moved around getting everything dirty and potentially knocking into passengers.

The Dodge Caravan’s Stow & Go Seating ( is the perfect solution to the minivan seat stowage problem. Leveraging the mounting options seemed to be the best way to go.

Part 1 shows the easiest way to improve our storage system. It is so simple but required a couple creative insights to make it actually work. Strapping the road bike to the side wall of the wan worked very, very well.

We used this simple solution most of the riding season.

Part 2 – Internal Minivan Road Bike Mount

Near the end of the riding season I was inspired to up-the-game on the internal minivan road bike mount. I realized that the Dodge Caravan’s Stow & Go Seating system could be further leveraged to mount a bracket to the floor of the fan.

I figured out how to mount a road bike stand to the van floor!

Please watch both videos. They really are better methods to carry the road bikes in the van.

Now to wait out the winter season by riding the bikes indoors. It’s way to cold to ride outside – at least for me as I’m missing the roadways of Thailand!

2 thoughts on “Part 1 – Internal Minivan Bike Mount”

  1. We enjoyed your video Part 2 – Much better bike mount system! Would you kindly advise what the bike mount is called and where did you purchase it? We live on Vancouver Island in BC Canada, we are looking for a way to travel with 2 mountain bikes inside our dodge caravan and loved your idea. Did you make the black bike mount yourself, or if not, would like to buy one. Thank you for your help!

    1. Hi Ruby,

      Thanks for the nice comment. It’s working great in the van.

      I actually got the little bike rack at our LBC in Thailand. But, I found one that looks exactly like it on Amazon:

      This little rack spreads out to match the store-and-go seat brackets on the floor. The U-bolts hold it in and I bring the bike thru the sliding side door. It’s kind of funny how well it works.

      Hope this helps!


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