How to Crash a Garmin Edge 810

How to Crash a Garmin Edge 810

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Garmin Edge 810 Software Version: 5.10

Ken from OldManRider back in Thailand. Beautiful sunny days, middle of the rainy season now which means the rains will be coming. But, it’s great because that means the forest will be crazy green, the roads are clean, and the weather is a lot cooler. It’s just a joy to ride along the mountain tops or along the river, whatever it is. Come out and join us it’s a great place.

The purpose of today is to share how to crash a Garmin Edge. This is my 810. I got it for Christmas last year. It’s a wonderful tool that I use on every ride, long and short. Besides, I need the Strava miles. But, it crashes.

When I got this it was just in time to do a ride, a 1,000K ride across Thailand with a bunch of the guys. It made me the map person. I struggled learning how to use this device on the road. I struggled figuring out how to use an advanced piece of tech. I struggled because it crashed mysteriously when I pushed buttons. I couldn’t figure out what the pattern was at the beginning. But eventually the ride was over and we made it home safe even though we got into a little bit of trouble. I didn’t need the maps anymore so I stopped working on it. Kind of lost it, out of mind, it wasn’t important. But I figured this isn’t right. This is a great tool – but if it crashes it’s not the tool we bought, it’s not doing what it can do, it’s just not the thing you want to have on your bike. Especially when you are out trying to do something new, you are riding a course that you’ve never been on before and the device crashes when you press some button.

So, I’ve worked really hard figuring what to do, to simplify this, to get it down to the simplest steps I could to reproduce the problem – and I did. It’s actually quite trivial. What you do is you load up a course, load up a map, turn on live tracking, go for the ride, press save at the end of the ride, and most of the time my 810 will crash, and I believe most others will too. It’s just something that needs to be fixed by the engineers.

So, I’ve got a couple of videos. Let me show you the simple steps to set it up and show you the crash which is absolutely unimpressive, the device just turns off. But, here it is, let’s watch these videos…

So, that’s how you crash the 810. It’s a great device when it doesn’t crash. When you are out doing something that you’ve not done before, you’re counting on this. You press the button and it dies that’s a little more than an inconvenience, it’s a problem. I’m hoping that enough of us can share the links, the files below, with the Garmin engineers, that they get us an update, get that update out on our bikes and use this tool as it was meant to be used. Because it’s a great thing when it works. It’s not much use when you can’t trust it. I like to trust my tools.

Anyway, that’s Ken from OldManRider. I hope you have a great day. Like I said at the beginning, come out and ride with us. Thailand is great this time of year. But right now, like, subscribe. I’ll see ya later.

3 thoughts on “How to Crash a Garmin Edge 810”

  1. Press a button?

    Hell, I don’t even need to do THAT to crash or freezes mine. It just does it on its own. On a 45 mile ride two days ago it crashed THREE TIMES.

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