How To Read Gatorskin Tire Tread Wear Indicators

How to read the Tread Wear Indicators on Continental Gatorskin road bike tires.

Continental GatorSkin DuraSkin Folding Tire (All Sizes)These tires have stood up to thousands of kilometers of Thai roads in all the heat and junk that Thailand could put them up against.  These are not subtle tires, nor are they especially light. But, neither have they worn out quickly.  I can’t say that for the other tires I’ve used out here.


One thought on “How To Read Gatorskin Tire Tread Wear Indicators”

  1. I’m waiting to put on my gator skins on a bicycle that came with Ultra Sports- not the II or III, the regular original Ultra Sports that I have read are prone to puncture. I’m at 2470 miles, so roughly 3975 clicks. I can still see the tire wear indicators, but it’s getting close- have to check after every ride. I know these are entry level, but getting this mileage from these, I am really looking forward to my gator skins. I’d like to see how far they go until they lose at least one of the marks- but am anxious for my gator skins. Either way, I think I’ve found my bicycle tire company!
    Incidentally, I think they put wear indicators on all of their tires- and not sure if any other manufacturers do.

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