Why Wear Lobster Gloves?

Last day in Michigan. Another wondrously bright, sunny day down by the lake. Following up from the last video on Lobster Gloves.

Why do we wear these crazy things? Well, it’s pretty darn simple.

A Lobster Glove is half way between a warm fuzzy mitten and a glove – a little bit of mitten at this end, a little bit of glove at that end. It just gives us extra manual dexterity but keeps us warm at the same time. So we can use the finger part to shift gears, hit the brakes, ride in whatever position that we need, and keep the rest of the hand warm.

I guess our warm weather riders just don’t know these things so we let them know.

Anyway, it’s that simple.

Getting ready to head to Thailand tomorrow. See ya there.

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