3 Week Vegan Challenge #hclfvegan Almost #rawtill4

I just finished a 3-week vegan challenge / experiment and I want to report what I learned from the experience.

First a bit of the backstory.  Out here in Chiang Mai, Thailand we meet other road bikers as we ride the wonderful hills and local loops.  The community isn’t that big so we tend to bump into the same people quite often. On one of those chance meetings a bunch of us were invited to attend the 2016 Vegan Bike Festival.  It’s not the purpose of this post but these guys put together a health conference where the venue was at the top of the mountain and everyone is expected to ride, run, or walk there.  This is a real put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is event and that intrigued me.  Anyway, I ended up riding with the group and attending the conference every other day.  The whole thing was a positive experience.
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How to replace a swage nut on a road bike to fix a water bottle cage or other accessories.

To get it out of the way; PEM®nuts and RIVNuts® seem to be swage nut trademarks so here are links to both companies: Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corp. http://www.pemnet.com/ and Bollhoff Inc. http://www.bollhoff-usa.com/

Better known as swage nuts or self-clinching nuts these are found in several places on the bike.  On my bike they are the nuts built into the frame for holding water bottle cages.

The thin aluminum frame around the swage nuts sometimes just can’t hold them in place and they get loose or corrode out.  Both happened on the bottom water bottle nuts on my frame.
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