Ride without Bike Shorts? Here’s why not.

Ride without Bike Shorts? Here’s why not.

People, and a lot of YouTube videos, spend a lot of time comparing one brand of bike shorts with another. They compare a laundry list of features and decide what is best.

But, no one seems to talk about what features are actually important to the rider. Anyone can read a product tag and parrot back marketing talk.

This video looks at the four most talked about bike short features; cut, material, synthetic chamois, and leg grippers and decides that only three are important – because the fourth feature is common to all bike shorts.

Riding without bike shorts – you can if you want. I know why I’ll continue to wear mine…

Buying Fake Oakleys at the Thai Myanmar Border Market

We only have the opportunity to get up to the Thailand / Myanmar boarder a couple times a year. When we do we buy the stuff we need. Of course it’s not “real” – but I’d rather lose a dozen fake sunglasses at $1.50 each than the other option…

Watch the sizes. I wear XXL chamois stateside but here it was XXXXXL!